Nicole Collette

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-452
Livermore, CA 94550
phone: 925 XXX XXXX




Research interests




Selected publications

Most recent publications/Abstracts:

1. Chahine NO, Genetos D, Collette NM, Thomas C, Loots GG (2014).  Carbon Nanotubes in Cartilage Bioengineering. Tissue Eng May 20.

2. Fischer NO, Weilhammer D, Thomas C; Hwang M, Corzett M, Cheri L, Mayer W, Urbin S, Collette, NM, Chang JC, Loots GG, Rasley A, Blanchette CD.(2014) Evaluation of nanolipoprotein particles (NLPs) as an in vivo delivery platform. Plos One 9(3):e93342.

3. Collette NM, Yee C, Murugesh D, Sebastian A, Taher L, Gale NW, Economides AN, Harland RM, Loots GG (2013).  Polydactyly in Sost and SostDC1 double knock-out mice. Dev Bio 383(1):90-105.

4. Collette NM, Genetos D, Economides A, Xie L, Shahnazari M, Yao W, Lane N, Harland RM and Loots GG. (2012). Targeted Deletion of Sost Distal Enhancer Increases Bone Formation and Bone Mass. PNAS 109(35):14092-7

5. Loots GG, Keller H, Leupin O, Murugesh D, Collette NM and Genetos DC. (2012). TGF-beta Regulates Sclerostin Expression via the ECR5 enhancer. Bone 50(3):663-9.

6. Cain CJ, Rueda R, McLelland B, Collette NM, Loots GG and Manilay JO. (2012). Absence of Sclerostin Adversely Affects B Cell Survival. JBMR 27(7):1451-61.

7. Collette NM, Genetos D, Murugesh D, Harland RM and Loots GG. (2010) Genetic Evidence that Sost inhibits Wnt Signaling in the Limb. Dev Bio 342(2):169-79.